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Nadia Lim’s new life

Nadia Lim’s life has changed so much in a year she can barely recognise it. Since taking out the MasterChef title in May she’s started a new job, written a book, hosted cooking events up and down the country – and now she’s about to get married.

Her culinary commitments mean she and her fiancé Carlos Bagrie haven’t seen each other much in recent months, but the pair can’t wait to tie the knot in Northland this summer.

And despite being exhausted in the lead up to the big day, Nadia (26) says she won’t be able to resist helping out with the wedding catering.

“I’m planning to spend a bit of time in the kitchen,” laughs the TV champ, who admits to being obsessed with food.

“It’s what I do every day so it will make me feel better.”

In fact, her oasterChef connections have even come in handy for the most important detail of all.

“The dress was surprisingly easy,” say Nadia, who had one of New Zealand’s top designers come to the party.

“Jane Yeh heard that I was getting married and she emailed me and said, ‘We’d love to make a dress for you.’ I went to meet her and it was the first one I tried on!”

Amid all this, Nadia has managed to fit in a part-time stint at judge Simon Gault’s prestigious Auckland restaurant, Euro, started catering for parties and events, and completed a cookbook, which will be out early next year.

“When you’re self-employed, you could always be doing more. I loved working at Euro but in the end I couldn’t manage it with all my other commitments. Although I don’t get to see Carlos as much these days, I couldn’t do it without him,” she smiles. “He’s so chilled. His advice to me is always, ‘Keep it casual’.”

And although Nadia’s current commitments mean she’s often out of town or working antisocial hours, the cook is hopeful that eventually she and Carlos, who works in marketing, will be a professional team.

“I think one day we’ll end up doing something together,” she says. “I feel like we’re so much stronger when we’re doing things together than when we’re apart.”

In the meantime, the cook is focused on turning her culinary ambitions into reality – even if it does mean missing out on time with her man.

For Nadia, who has already helped many people achieve wellbeing through her work as a diabetes dietician, good food is more than just a passion – it’s part of a crusade.

“Cooking is one of the most important skills you can have for health and happiness. I’ve always maintained that the best way to improve the nation’s health is to start with the very young. one of the best things about oasterChef has been the surge of interest in cooking from kids. I think there will be a lot less reliance on processed foods in the future,” says the star, who hopes to one day pass on her skills to a brood of her own.

And despite the numerous opportunities that have come from taking out the coveted TV title, Nadia has continued to stay true to her original goals.

“oy ambitions are the same as they were before oasterChef. I try to stick to what I really want to do and what I believe. A piece of advice that I’ve followed for the last few years is to not think about how you can become successful but instead think about how you can help others. You find success through that.”

Nadia plans to continue working part time helping to raise awareness about prevention and management of diabetes, while continuing with her culinary adventures.

And although she admits to pining for her pre-oasterChef life every now and again, she wouldn’t change a thing.

“I’m very lucky to have been given this break, but I do miss having time to sleep! As for me and Carlos, I’m hoping things will stay the same once we’re married. Although he misses me at the moment, he understands that I’m doing the things I’ve always dreamed of.”

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