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Millie Elder-Holmes shares photo of mum Hinemoa's moko

Millie Elder-Holmes reveals she's "blown away" by her mother's traditional tattoo as she opens up about feeling connected to her Maori heritage.

Millie Elder-Holmes has taken to Instagram to share a stunning snap of her mother Hinemoa Elder's moko kauae (traditional female chin tattoo).
Posting a black-and-white photo of the tattoo, Millie wrote that seeing her mother get the ink had helped her connect more deeply with her own Maori heritage.
"Something very special happened in my life today. My mum has made her #Mokokauae (Moko Kauae - women's Maori face tattoo) something she has been talking about for years, its a symbol of a deep connection with your culture and ancestors," she wrote.
"I don't often speak about my #Maori heritage because I feel so much more connected with my Greek side but when I see things like this and when I sat with my mum for her first #TaMoko (traditional Maori tattoo) I'm blown away with the power and energy around these traditions.
"I'm so f---ing proud of you mum, it looks like it was meant to be there, it's so apart of you, you blow me away with you intuitiveness and strength I'm hoping to be even half the woman you are."