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Michael Jackson's youngest son Blanket has reportedly changed his name

The 15-year-old has reportedly changed his distinctive name.

Blanket Jackson recently changed his name after reportedly being bullied about the unconventional moniker for years.
He is now known as Bigi.
A family friend told People of the dramatic change, explaining that the 15-year-old is still “shy around people he doesn't know”, but feeling more “confident” at his private LA private school as a result of the change.
The source also revealed that the King of Pop’s youngest (and most under-the-radar) offspring “has had the most problems adjusting after Michael died.”
They added: “He acted very lost and extremely upset.”
The teenager -- who was famously dangled from a balcony by his father in 2002 -- continues to live a life of confusion.
Bigi is believed to be living on his own, without full-time adult supervision or the guardians he was assigned following his father’s death in 2009, TMZ reports.
Instead, he has been “living alone” in his grandmother Katherine Jackson’s sprawling home in Calabasas, California.
Blanket has reportedly been "living alone" in his grandmother's Calabasas home.
Katherine, a guardian for the teenager, has been absent since flying to London in January to testify against her nephew in an elder abuse case. She has since returned to Los Angeles but has chosen to stay with her daughter, Rebbie Jackson, and has reportedly failed to communicate with Bigi.
Multiple sources tell the publication that Uncle T.J. Jackson -- a co-guardian for Michael’s kids -- and his wife share supervisory duties, but Paris isn't satisfied with the living arrangement.
What’s more, Paris claims that her Aunt Rebbie and Uncle Randy -- and a handful of other unnamed family members -- are intentionally isolating her grandmother in an attempt to “control the matriarch” for financial gain.
Despite the tumultuous circumstances, insiders tell the publication that Bigi is excelling academically and socially. In fact, reports suggest the once shy and introverted teenager is now engaged heavily in social activities.