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Miniseries focusing on Michael Jackson's last days in the works

Star Trek director J.J. Abrams is set to turn Michael Jackson's final days into a television miniseries

Fans of the late Michael Jackson will be able to gain insight into the music legend's last days as his story makes it to television screens.
Acclaimed Hollywood director J.J. Abrams is teaming up with Warner Bros. Television and author Tavis Smiley to turn his book Before You Judge Me: The Triumph and Tragedy of Michael Jackson's Last Days into a miniseries.
The book, which will be released later this month, details the singer's final months and "examines the soaring highs and deep lows faced by the late pop star — his constant hunt for privacy in a life that was more public than almost any other, and the pressures he endured as someone whose fame made him socially fragile and almost unable to live."
The King of Pop was about to embark on a huge comeback tour just weeks prior to his death in 2009.
The miniseries will be produced by the Star Trek director's company Bad Robot Productions. Last year, J.J. and Tavis also announced that they'd be turning the author's book about Martin Luther King Jr. into an event series.
A network has yet to be announced for Before You Judge Me, but the studio is expected to shop it around to cable, network and streaming services.
The Thriller singer passed away in 2009 just weeks before he was set to embark on a comeback tour. The footage from his rehearsals were later turned into a movie titled Michael Jackson's This Is It.
Catch a glimpse of the rare home videos of Michael and his kids. Post continues below.
Meanwhile, the former child star's daughter Paris has recently made headlines after she hit back at critics for not posting a Father's Day tribute to her late dad.
"If you try to harass someone into posting online about a holiday (fathers day), ask yourself if it's any of your business," the 18-year-old wrote on Sunday.

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