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Metz and Anna leave The Bachelor NZ

Jordan said goodbye to bachelorettes Metz and Anna in last night's episode of The Bachelor New Zealand

In a shocking turn of events last night on The Bachelor New Zealand, Samoan stunner Metz left the mansion after revealing a mysterious secret to hunky Bachelor Jordan Mauger. The former Miss Samoa NZ winner took Jordan aside to drop her bombshell and departed before the rose ceremony even began, leaving the other women in the house (and the viewers) completely in the dark.

“You form these really close bonds with each other, and then they go home – it’s definitely upsetting,” Amanda said later.

More FM Wild Card Anna Marshall was the next unlucky Bachelorette to be denied a rose, but the feisty 29-year-old fought back when host Mike Puru declared that her journey to love ended there.

“Not necessarily,” she quipped, before saying goodbye to the other contestants.

“He’s obviously not the best judge of character. He chooses people that are not in it for the right reasons, then he’s gonna learn the hard way,” she said later.

“But I wish him all the best.”

Samoan stunner Metz Iosefa was the first woman to leave the mansion on last night’s episode.

The gorgeous Bachelorette chose to leave the show after dropping a mysterious bombshell during her one-on-one time with Jordan.

“I felt bad before going in there, I felt bad that I was going to speak my truth – but at the same time, I felt strong,” Metz confessed during the episode.

Later, Jordan said the two parted “on good terms”, but kept Metz’s reason for leaving a secret.

However, Metz later revealed it was a combination of the show’s format and her connection with Jordan that prompted her to throw in the towel.

“I just wanted to be fair to Jordan and to the girls. The week before I thought maybe if I give it more time it might help our connection, but when I knew a date wouldn’t change things with Jordan and I, I knew I should go,” Metz tells us.

“I always had a great time with him in terms of conversation, but the whole experience was too intense for me. To be dating him under those circumstances – with so many other girls – was just too intense.”

“After making the decision to leave, I felt relieved, I was starting to be myself again, and my jokes started coming back,” Metz reveals.

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Metz leaves the Bachelor NZ

Metz also had some wise words for her friend (and controversial Bachelorette) Naz: “As a friend Naz definitely is a ‘what she wants, she’ll get’ type of girl, but personally I wouldn’t always go about things the way she does. From time to time, I tell her you need to have a bit of heart.”

More FM Wild Card Anna Marshall also left the mansion on last night’s episode.

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Anna leaves The Bachelor NZ

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