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Melissa Etheridge reveals Brad Pitt could have fathered her children

The singer has opened up about how Brad Pitt was almost the father of her kids

The legendary singer sat down with the host of Australia's Studio 10, where she chatted about how the heartthrob was nearly her sperm donor.
“Well, actually, [Brad Pitt] was such a good friend of mine. And we did consider it,” the 54-year-old explained about finding a sperm donor for her then-partner Julie Cypher.
“And yet, I looked and I saw how badly he wanted children and I thought, ‘I don’t want to share this with someone who really, badly wants children because my children don’t need another parent - they have two.'”
Brad Pitt - pictured here with children Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne - could have added two more children to his larger-than-life family!
The proud mum joked to Aussie reporter Angela Bishop about her two eldest kids reacted upon hearing they could have been Brad Pitt’s children.
"Of course, my teenagers now are like, 'I could have had Brad Pitt [as my dad]!' My son said, 'I could've been amazingly handsome!'"
Brad and Melissa were close friends in the nineties, with the singer even performing at his wedding to Jennifer Aniston in 2000.
The rock star has since mentioned that she and Brad haven’t spoken in the last decade.
Melissa was close with Brad and his first wife Jen - she even performed at their wedding.
Ultimately Melissa decided to go with a different donor. In 1997, the singer’s partner gave birth to their daughter, Bailey and a year later they welcomed their son, Beckett.
Following years of speculation, the new parents announced the paternity of their kids to Rolling Stone magazine in 2000.
Melissa and Julie revealed that their kids’ biological father is David Crosby from the rock group, Crosby, Stills & Nash.
Speaking of their decision, Melissa explained, “It’s one of the reasons why David Crosby and his wife are so perfect - because they [already] had children. They were looking to do this as a gift.”
Melissa sadly parted ways with Julie that same year.
Six years later the singer and her now-ex, Tammy Lynn Michaels, went on to have twins, Johnnie and Miller, via an anonymous sperm donor. The American singer is now married to Linda Wallem.
Melissa Etheridge (second from left) with her now-ex, Julie Cypher (far left) joined by David and his wife Jan Crosby.

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