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Mel Gibson worried about 34-year-age gap with girlfriend

The 60-year-old actor admits the age gap between himself and 26-year-old girlfriend "might cause a problem".

By Sinead Corcoran
Actor Mel Gibson has revealed that he is ‘worried’ about the large age gap between himself and his 26-year-old girlfriend Rosalind Ross, who is pregnant with his ninth child.
"Regarding age and relationships, it's just a number. We dig each other. She is an adult and we dig each other. It might cause a problem and one has a trepidation about these things, but it's working out great. She is a really special person. I dig her. So there you go. That's it. What more can one ask?" said the 60-year-old.
Mel has recently kept out of the public eye, and been focussed on "working on" himself and spending quality time with his other children, Hannah, 36, Christian and Edward, both 34, William, 31, Louis, 28, Milo, 26, Thomas, 17 and six-year-old Lucia with ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva.
"I worked on myself and I feel great. And I am glad to be back and I am fortunate. I feel pretty cooled out and stuff doesn't matter the way it used to.
So I feel good and healthy, I have done the work and I feel pretty fit...” he told the Daily Mirror
"The only thing I can do is just take care of myself because nothing is going to work out the way I want it. It never does, right?"
In 2006 the controversial star was arrested for suspected drunk driving, and was later reported to have made anti-Semitic remarks to a police officer.
Four years later he was the subject of a domestic violence claim when Oksana accused him of physically assaulting her.
During the lengthy court battle that followed over custody of their daughter Lucia, audio recordings of Mel allegedly making further racist remarks and threatening Oksana’s life emerged.
While the actor has kept a low profile in the years since, he has recently taken a big step back into the spotlight with the release of his latest directorial effort Hacksaw Ridge, which has already garnered early awards buzz.

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