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Mel B to pay ex Stephen Belafonte $40k a month in spousal support

Mel B and her estranged husband were also admonished by the judge for 'living beyond their means'.

Documents have emerged that show Mel B must pay her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte $40k a month in spousal support, despite her accusations of domestic violence.
Judge Lawrence Riff also ordered the former Spice Girl to pay her ex-husband $140,000 in legal fees via a written judgement last Friday.
Mel B has been ordered by a judge to pay US $40k a month in spousal support to her estranged husband, Stephen Belafonte.
Earlier this year, Brown obtained a temporary restraining order against Belfonte after detailing multiple instances of alleged physical assault and blackmail.
The judge said the compulsory spousal support payments would only be until an evidentiary hearing in September in which Brown hopes to prove her ex was abusive – claims Belafonte categorically denies.
In a statement released shortly after Brown’s accusations surfaced, Belafonte labelled the allegations as “outrageous and unfounded”.
“It's a shame that Ms Brown elected not to proceed in a respectful and amicable fashion in this very private matter,” it read.
“In due course, Mr Belafonte will be filing his response to the outrageous and unfounded allegations made by Ms Brown, which allegations he vehemently denies.”

The court documents also show Judge Riff’s scathing assessment of the pair’s financial situation.
He said they had lived "beyond their means" and had a "habitual inability" to pay taxes on time.
Judge Riff labelled their spending habits, including $20,000 a month on childcare and $4,493 a month on eating out, as not "credible or reasonable”, and questioned the wisdom in not getting rid of “one large expense burdening the parties [that] could be reasonably and easily mitigated.”
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Belafonte was ordered out of the couple’s $8.9 million Hollywood Hills home after the allegations of domestic violence, but Brown admits that she and the children no longer live in the house either.
“One wonders why the parties do not see the wisdom in reducing the combined expenses of the marital estate by one of them residing in that home at least until it is sold,” he questioned.
Their Hollywood mansion was raided by police earlier this year in search of illegal guns, but none were found.
Brown claims she had received ongoing abuse from Belafonte since 2007, including allegations he punched her with a closed fist which resulted in her face "actually scabbed over the rug burns" and then forcing her to tweet she had been injured by running in seven inch Christian Louboutin heels.
However Belafonte continues to vehemently deny any allegations of assault.
“I think someone’s trying to set me up to be a bad guy,” he told TMZ photographers.