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Max Key celebrates dad’s knighthood with the cutest throwback snap

“Sir John Key has a pretty lit ring to it.”

Former Prime Minister John Key received an honorary knighthood yesterday for services to New Zealand, and it would seem his son Max couldn’t be more proud.
Taking to Instagram to congratulate his dad, Max shared a photo of the pair dressed as knights, and wrote: “Sir John Key has a pretty lit ring to it! Proud of you as always, but will still be calling you Papa Key! The shoes just go bitter to fill for your DJ/Vlogging son hahaha #voteforkey2044.”

It’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not the aspiring DJ could be considering following in his father’s footsteps, but given one-time reality star Donald Trump now heads up the Oval office, anything is possible…
From what we’ve seen of late, the family obviously like to have a bit of fun with Max posting a clip to YouTube last week offering a look inside his recent 22nd birthday celebrations – complete with cameo from his dad, John.
Check out the moment in the video player below.
The 10-minute video begins with the vlogger walking around his parent’s salubrious Parnell home before arriving at his surprise party.
Keen to add a bit of his father’s cred to his own profile, Max asks his dad if he has any messages for his “vlog fam”.
“Like and subscribe,” Sir John answers before doing a dance move known as the dab, seemingly much to Max's delight.
The newly appointed Air New Zealand board director tops the whole thing off by demonstrating he's not entirely up with the play after Max asks him to recall lyrics of an iconic pop song.
“So tonight's birthday vlog - everything's gonna be alright as long as we're dancing like we're what, dad?", Max asks his dad with his tongue firmly in cheek.
"Um," Sir John jokingly replies, completely dropping himself in it, "ABBA?"