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Matt LeBlanc slammed for awkwardly 'hitting on' Emilia Clarke

Fans are criticizing the actor for making a 'gross' comment about Emilia Clarke

Did Matt LeBlanc just make a pass at Game of Thrones’ Emilia Clarke?
The former Friends star made a comment that’s been described by fans as “awkward” and “gross” by fans.
Matt and Emilia were taking part in split-screen red carpet interviews for the 2016 Emmy’s when the actress admitted she was a huge fan of Matt’s.
He was then asked whether or not he watches Game of Thrones.
In what seemed like a very Joey Tribbiani moment, Matt replied: “I saw the first season then fell out of touch with it, and then I guess that was when she started getting naked, so I need to catch up.”
Emilia’s reaction wasn’t shown on screen.
Fans let loose on the 49-year-old actor on social media after the comment.
“OMG Matt LeBlanc said he only wants to watch #GOT because Emilia Clarke got naked. Gross,” one user wrote.
A tweet from the official Upworthy account read: “Matt LeBlanc telling Emilia Clarke he should continue watching GoT because “she gets naked” gets 10/10 creep factor from us #Emmys.”
“That awkward Emmys moment was even too far for Joey Tribbiani,” another user said.
Emilia is apparently actually a huge fan of Matt and his iconic Friends character.
When the pair was on The Graham Norton Show earlier this year, she begged him to “ask me how I’m doing”, a reference to his famous line.
Watch the hilarious moment Matt LeBlanc tried his famous pick-up line on Emilia! Post continues..
After Matt busted out a “How YOU doin’?” at the 29-year-old actress, she blushed and dissolved into fits of giggles.
Meanwhile Emilia revealed her favourite part about the Emmy’s was watching Matt Damon!
When asked by the Daily Mail about her favourite bit of the awards show, she answered: “This is a bit cheating but Matt Damon. I mean, come on!”
"I know it should be like someone else, who won or who is like a part of the show, but he just – that was awesome."
The Jason Bourne star had done a comedy bit where he had a go at host Jimmy Kimmel to continue their long-running joke feud.
This story originally appeared on Woman's Day Australia

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