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MAFS' Vicky has found "The One" and can't wait to walk down the aisle again

A disastrous first marriage hasn't put her off. But first, there's the technicality of still being married to another man. ''I say to Ryan all the time, 'Do you feel naughty because I’m still married?'''

By Sebastian van der Zwan
A year on from her disastrous wedding on the first season of Married at First Sight New Zealand, Vicky Gleeson-Stokes is smiling again after scoring herself a hot new man – and a new body too!
Shortly before moving in with boyfriend Ryan Watson, the Auckland flight attendant travelled to Thailand for cosmetic surgery, upsizing her breasts from an A-cup to a CC.
"I've wanted a boob job since I was in my teens," Vicky, 28, tells Woman's Day. "It's a confidence thing. I loved my body, but I wanted to feel more feminine in a bikini and not have to wear padded bras."
Vicky before her surgery.
The star flew to Phuket with her "super-supportive" mum Sandra for the operation, recalling, "The doctors and nurses were all very reassuring, and the hospital was very clean, but I freaked out a bit when I met a woman with really, really big boobs who was having complications."
However, Vicky's surgery went flawlessly and she was back in Aotearoa after just a week in recovery.
She smiles, "I love my new boobs. I wanted to get them a bit bigger, but because I'm short, I think I chose the right size. Some of my friends haven't even noticed, although I've given [Ben Blackwell, from MAFS] a good look and he thinks they're awesome."
Vicky is still legally married to on-screen hubby Andrew.
Also a fan is Ryan, 29, who says, "I thought she was perfect before, but they've put a smile on her face and they're not massive disasters, so I'm happy. They still look natural and suit her body."
Vicky first met the freight specialist at a party last October. Having never watched MAFS, Ryan recalls, "I'd heard she was the b** of the show, but I didn't judge her until I met her. She had a good heart – and she was alright-looking!"
"We're happy spending every day together," Ryan says of his and Vicky's relationship.
Vicky adds, "He was super-nice to me and I was into him, but my friend told me he'd never dated a white girl before, so I left it at that. Then we ran into each other at a club in January and we just kept hanging out from there. Funnily enough, I'd never dated white boys either – just married one!"
Story continues after video: Vicky and Andrew struggle to see eye to eye.
Unable to legally divorce her MAFS husband Andrew Jury until next August, Vicky jokes, "I say to Ryan all the time, 'Do you feel naughty because I'm still married?'"
But in all seriousness, she's already looking forward to her next nuptials. She grins, "I do want to have that fairytale wedding where I walk down the aisle to someone I'm actually in love with. I think Ryan is The One."

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