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Madonna shares sweet birthday message for Rocco

The pop star has taken to Instagram to share sweet memories of her son in honour of his 16th birthday.

He may be getting older with each day, but Rocco will always be his mama’s little boy!
This week, Madonna’s eldest son celebrated his sweet sixteen, so naturally, the Rebel Heart hitmaker took to Instagram.
Sharing several throwback snaps of her beloved boy, the mother-of-four expressed her pride and love for the man he's grown to be.
He's grown up so fast!
“Happy Birthday to my First Born Son!” the 57-year-old captioned one image of Rocco posed behind a fur shield in Malawi, Africa.
“A true Warrior with a beautiful Heart. Let the Sun shine!”
Another touching snap sees Madge reminiscing about the days when she could comfortably carry her son – then a toddler – in her arms.
“Once my baby always my baby. Happy Sweet 16!” she wrote alongside the black and white pic.
A sweet moment shared between mother and son.
It’s been a rocky year for the mother and son to say the least, but the slew of happy snaps would indicate that the dust has finally settled.
The superstar’s offspring had been at the very centre of a bitter custody dispute, refusing to return to his mother’s New York home after visiting dad Guy Ritchie and step-mum Jacqui Ainsley in December of 2015.
The pair's case was unable to be settled due to the Material Girl's commitment to an 8-month long tour in support of her latest album, which hit headlines after some fans accused Madonna of less-than-perfect performances and tardy appearances.
While performing in Melbourne, the Queen of pop had an onstage meltdown, rambling to the crowd and calling her ex-husband a “son of a b--ch” in between taking swigs of straight liquor from a fans hip flask.
Later in that same performance, she dedicated a song to her son. Childhood photos of the blonde haired boy flashed across the big screens as she said: “If I have learned one thing in my life, it’s just go with it. If you just laugh, it doesn’t hurt as much.”
See the star's onstage meltdown in the video player below. Story continues.
After finally wrapping her time on the stage, Madonna made her way to London in a bid to mend the rift between her and her eldest son.
And apparently, some face-time was all it took for the pair to get back on track.
Since her touchdown in the UK, Rocco and his mum have been spending some much-needed, quality time together.
Just last month, Madge and her brood embarked on a charity trip to Africa, where they bonded as a family for the first time in a long while.
“Oh Africa you have filled our hearts with joy and appreciation!” she wrote beside one of the many shots that chronicled the family's trip.
This story originally appeared on Woman's Day Australia
The family has become a strong unit once more.

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