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Madonna hires private investigator for son Rocco

The popstar has reportedly hired a PI to keep an eye on her son, as her custody battle with ex Guy Ritchie heats up

With the next court date in her ongoing custody battle looming, pop star Madonna has allegedly ramped up her efforts to keep tabs on teenage son Rocco, 15.
According to The Daily Mail, the 57-year-old has hired a private investigator to keep an eye on Rocco while he continues to live in London with his father, film director Guy Ritchie.
TMZ reports the singer fears her son is “living dangerously”, and recent photos of the teen sharing a suspicious-looking cigarette with pals at a London skate park have only added to her worries.
The Material Girl is said to be furious over Guy’s supposed lack of rules for their son, especially when it comes to his studies.
“Guy has pretty much told Rocco if he wants out of education, he can quit now,” a source told Us Weekly.
Madonna and ex-husband Guy have locked in an ongoing battle over their son since last year, when Rocco refused to return to his mother in the US and instead requested to remain with his father in London.
Madonna shared a Christmas message to her son on Instagram with this photo.
Madonna allegedly attended a court hearing in New York just before Christmas, where a judge ruled Rocco had to back to the US sometime before the beginning of the school year.
“I’m directing the child to be returned to New York. If he wants to stay with his father, he must return to his mother,” the judge reportedly said.
The reason behind the rift between mother and son is still unconfirmed, but some have speculated whether Madonna’s habit of posting awkward and embarrassing photos of Rocco online drove him away.

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