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Lorde debuts steamy new music video for ‘Magnets’

The Kiwi singer shows off an all-new side in the much buzzed-about clip

By Keren Sim
Fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from New Zealand’s own singer-songwriter Lorde, and the Kiwi teen has more than delivered with her latest song ‘Magnets’, a collaboration with British electronic duo Disclosure.
In the highly anticipated music video accompanying the song, a sultry Lorde (real name Ella Yelich-O’Connor) gets up close and personal with an older man, playing the part of the mistress as his character’s partner looks on.
However – as you would expect of Lorde – the story is much more than a simple tale of ‘the other woman’. While much has been made of the intimate scenes between Lorde and Iddo Goldberg, the actor who plays her love interest in the clip, the ‘Magnets’ video also carries a deeper message, playing out as a revenge-fuelled twist that has the two women teaming up at the end.
On Twitter, Lorde shared that “the most important part of the video is when you see her black eye as she turns away at the window”.
“Hope it all makes sense from that point,” she added later.

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