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Laura McGoldrick gets artistic for Daffodil Day

The TV presenter and radio host shows off her artistic side for a special charity auction

This year, Laura is one of 30 well-known Kiwis putting their artistic efforts on the line for the Cancer Society's Daffodil Day.
Alongside Lydia Ko, Toni Street, Grace Palmer and others, Laura's artwork will go under the (Trade Me) hammer as part of the ANZ Daffodil Day Art Auction 2015 - and despite her self-confessed "limited" skills in this area, she jumped at the chance to be involved in this great cause!
We chatted to Laura about her artwork and the personal connection she has to Daffodil Day:
What compelled you to lend your artistic talents to this cause?
Laura: The Cancer Society is such an amazing organisation, I know about what they do, what they're all about and how hard they work to help people, so it was easy to lend what limited artistic skills I have to this cause!
Why is Daffodil Day (and the Cancer Society) special or meaningful to you?
Laura: Daffodil Day and the Cancer Society are important to me because like many other New Zealanders, I have lost very special family members and friends to this disease.
I know about the services the Cancer Society offer to people who are battling and their distressed families and I think the awareness they are trying to create around this horrific disease is admirable and the money they raise to continue to fund research is so, so important.
Tell us a bit about your submitted artwork, and its significance.
Laura: Call me original! Haha - but I painted the daffodil (or tried to!) because I love the colours, it's bright and it's cheerful, and I love that on Daffodil Day it is a symbol of unity, as we come together and raise funds for cancer.
Are you much of an artist?
Laura: To be honest - not really!
What do you hope to get out from contributing to this charity auction?
Laura: It's just nice to be able to support such a brilliant charity in some small way as they continue in their amazing fundraising efforts. I just hope someone will purchase my painting at a good price because all the proceeds go straight to the foundation! Pretty please!!
High-profile New Zealanders were invited to create an artwork for Daffodil Day, to be auctioned on the Trade Me website.
The artworks could be a sketch, painting, pastel, collage, abstract or even a poem or verse. There were no rules apart from the art had to be completed by Friday 24 July.
The framed artworks are now on Trade Me until Wednesday, 26 August, and can be viewed in person at the ANZ Ponsonby Branch (in Auckland) until 12pm Wednesday 26 August.
More details are on www.anz.co.nz/artauction.

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