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Kylie Jenner hits back at 'Photoshop police'

The reality television star claims she did nothing to alter the size of her waist.

Kylie Jenner has hit out at the "Photoshop police" after being accused of altering a photo she'd posted to social media this week.
The underwear selfie that has caused all the fuss shows the reality star posing for the camera in a white shirt and navy Puma briefs.
The snap, which also shows off her incredibly toned tum, has kicked up the dust among commenters who say the pic looks like it's been touched up in Photoshop.
One person wrote: "I mean her hips are not like that in her Snapchat videos. While another added: "The airbrushing on this is terrible, why is the curtain/wall all squiggly 😂."

Seeming none too pleased by the remarks, the burgeoning beauty maven hit out at the detractors with a Snapchat video posted to her account the following day. In it she claims she did nothing to alter the photo, and that the squiggly wall was simply a curtain.
"So this is like my selfie mirror and my Snapchat mirror, so for future, this is a curtain behind me that looks crooked," Jenner can be heard saying in the video, which she captioned: "For the Photoshop police."
Jenner is not the only member of the famous family to hit headlines in the past few days over retouched images.
Kim Kardashian fans are reportedly up in arms after un-airbrushed pictures of the star on a beach in Mexico were revealed in the media this week.
The photos, which show the mother-of-two in a bikini, are clearly different from other photos the star often posts on social media and fans are outraged saying they feel Kardashian has been misleading them for years by posting images that have been heavily retouched.
In the wake of the furore, Kardashian has apparently lost 100,000 of her Instagram followers, with many taking parting shots at the star as they left.