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KJ Apa facing backlash over fat-shaming Instagram comment

The Kiwi star of hit US show Riverdale has come under fire for his actions on Instagram.

KJ Apa is being slammed by some online commenters after seemingly supporting a fat-shaming post on social media.
The former Shortland Street actor has hit headlines after ‘liking’ a comment on Instagram which said: “Making fun of fat people is the only thing that’s gonna stop those useless bags of sh-t dying a fat early death”.
Fans of the Kiwi star, who has risen to fame overseas thanks to his breakout role on Archie comics adaptation Riverdale, quickly took to social media to voice their disappointment.
While the actor has yet to make any public comment on the matter, it’s not the first time KJ has been forced to defend himself.
Earlier this year, he received death threats after a video showing a dog being thrown into a river for a scene in his film A Dog’s Purpose was released online.
The video, which quickly sparked allegations of animal abuse on the part of the film crew, was later investigated and found to be fake – but the news came too late to stop the torrent of criticism levelled at the movie as a result of the footage.
“As soon as that came out, I was getting a lot of s—t for it on social media, even death threats,” KJ told Fairfax of the reaction to the video.
“I didn’t even work with that dog.”
At the time, KJ was forced to make a statement about the movie on social media, saying he would “never EVER condone inhumane treatment or abuse of an animal at any time”.