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Kiwi celebs Christmas flashbacks

Toni Street, Miriama Kamo and plenty of other Kiwi celebs delve into their photo albums to find their favourite Christmas snaps. Thanks for sharing, guys!

Sitting on Santa’s knee, performing in Christmas plays or posing with all their Christmas morning loot, these throwback pictures of Kiwi stars are getting us right into the Christmas spirit.

Extra points for all those dressed in those amazing 80’s outfits – Dan Corbett and Kerry-Lee Dewing we’re looking at you.

Will Hall, Westside

“This was taken either directly before or directly after my first-ever acting gig, as the fourth shepherd from the left in the nativity play. I’d like to say it was this day, December 14, 1982, that I was bitten by the acting bug, but all I can remember is how itchy the costume was that my poor mum had spent hours making with leftover curtain fabric. I’ve been suffering for my art ever since.”

Toni Street, Seven Sharp

“This was the Christmas my love of theming really kicked in. In this picture, I’m not only matching Santa, but so is my Barbie doll. It was probably all my mum’s doing, but it’s now part of my adult life. Every chance I get for a themed event, I grab it!”

Kerry-Lee Dewing, Shortland Street

“I’ll take any excuse for a fabulous frock and Christmas is no exception. Finally, a justified fabulous-frock day!”

Sophie Hambleton, Westside

“I’m about five or six in this photo and I got a moonhopper for Christmas. As you can see, I was a bit unsure of the wrapped-up version, but I was absolutely thrilled when I realised what it was. Christmas Day was and still is such a fun day in our family. I’m now better at sleeping in, though. I’m pretty sure I’d been awake since 5am on this particular Christmas.”

Miriama Kamo, Sunday

“This must be around 1979. We were part of the Christian Family Movement, which encouraged families to unite in their faith, work to improve social injustices and help build each other’s houses. We’d also put on plays, which was so fun. This was a Christmas play at our friend Shirley’s house. Everyone in the photo was like a cousin, but among them are some of my siblings. You can see me whispering to my best friend Leigh-Anne. We were playing angels.”

Sharyn Casey, The Edge

“This was the best Christmas of my life! I was given Spice Girls everything from Santa and my parents – lollipops, photo album, deodorant, the mag and their album Spiceworld on a real tape, not dubbed from a friend, with all the lyrics inside. It was amazing! I was obsessed with the Spice Girls. My gran and granddad let me put the poster up on their wall for the whole time we stayed. Mum and Dad were stoked I was so happy, until I insisted all this be taken as carry-on luggage back to Timaru from Wellington because I was scared it would get lost. I’ve been annoying from a young age.”

Polly Gillespie

“Gillespie family Christmases in Whanganui were the best! My grandfather had retired there after being a school principal, and my uncle and aunt taught there too. There were always tonnes of cousins, loads of food, and Dad and Uncle Joe debating politics over beer and sherry. We kids would eat and eat, then the grown-ups would play Scrabble and we’d ruthlessly cheat at Monopoly.”

Dan Corbett, 1 NEWS

“This is a shot of me on Christmas Day in the UK in 1982. I was a mad footballer at the time, so I’d just received a new soft football that I could kick around the house and no doubt annoy my mum!”

Samantha Sinclair, Silver Fern

“This is me at two-and-a-half with my sister Courtney, who was three. We’re unwrapping presents at our family home in Rotorua, but because I was so young, I can’t remember what I got that year!”

Rebekah Palmer, Shortland-Street

“So this is the point where I realise I actually am my character Dawn! I was 16 and playing Mrs Claus in the Christmas show for the Whangamata Dance Studios.”

Lukas Whiting, Shortland Street

“This is me discovering the power of kid dimples. I was never the strongest child – just the weirdest and most easily distracted.”

Kelly Jury, Silver Fern

“This is me at two years old with my older brother Shane. We’re looking a bit frustrated as it’s probably 6am and Mum is cutting into our unwrapping time with wanting to take pictures.”

Mel Homer, The Mix

“Judging by the spiral perm, which turned to dreads underneath, I’m in my late teens here. This is the house where I spent most of my childhood, in Titirangi, West Auckland. In front of the fireplace was where all the pics seemed to get taken. We used to alternate Christmas Day – each year it would be at a different family member’s house. This year was our turn.”

Carl “Fletch” Fletcher, ZM

“This is me and my brother Scott on my seventh visit to Santa. I asked for a passenger jet plane, not fully understanding that those cost millions of dollars and wouldn’t fit down our chimney.”

Ben Boyce, Jono and Ben

“This is a photo taken of me with Santa when I was about three or four. I really hope I asked Santa for a longer fringe!”

Ben Boyce, Jono and Ben

Well, just because we can.

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