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Kiwi celebrities speak out about their struggles with methamphetamine

The stories of how these stars overcame drug and alcohol-related issues are inspiring.

A group of Kiwi stars have banded together to share stories of how drug use affected their lives, in the hope their experience might help others.
Musicians Tiki Taane and Marcus Powell, NZ lightweight Muay Thai champion Miriam Tio as well everyday young Kiwis William Swift and Tane Dunn have opened up on their struggles in a new video as a way of showing young people there is hope on the other side.
The videos, which shows the stars speaking frankly about the destruction using methamphetamine caused in their lives, also reveals the turning points that made change possible.
Speaking honestly about how drugs affected his life, musician Tiki Tane breaks down as he recalls painful memories caused by his drug use, which started when he was just 13.
“I am thinking about all the people I hurt over the years, you know, family and stuff like that, friends and friends I lost”.
He recalls regular occasions where he would lie to his parents in order to avoid them seeing him while he was using P.
The initiative is part of the Community Action Youth And Drugs (CAYAD) which helps give young people support to overcome addiction and make positive change in their lives.
Watch Tiki Taane's full video for Buzzed below.
Where to go for help:
Alcohol Drug Helpline: 0800 787 797
Lifeline: 0800 543 354
Youthline: Free text 234 or free phone 0800 376633
Depression Helpline: 0800111757