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A lot of people are convinced Kim Kardashian has chosen THIS name for her third baby

The Kardashians love a name theme and supposedly Kim and Kayne are going for a festive one.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are expecting their third baby any day now, with their surrogate due to give birth to a baby girl before Christmas. After they chose unusual names for their eldest daughter North and her younger brother Saint, people are already speculating over the name of their new addition, but one name seems particularly likely: Noel.

Yes, you might think that 'Noel', as in 'Noel's House Party', or Noel Gallagher, is a boy's name, but that's not stopped 'edgy' A-list types from choosing names from the opposite gender before (case in point: Blake Lively's eldest daughter, who is called James), so we're sticking to our theory that the Kardashian-West's won't opt for the female version, 'Noelle'.
Kim's mum Kris, once explained that North is named after the 'North star' that guided the Wisemen to Bethlehem.
Why? Well, Kim's middle name is Noel, and it's also got obvious ties to the Christmas period, which is fitting considering their little girl's birthday. It also follows the 'N' name theme already seen with North's name, Kim's middle name and also Kendall's middle name: her full name is Kendall Nicole Jenner, after Kris Jenner's close friend Nicole Brown Simpson, and we know the Kardashian's love a name theme. It also has similarities to North and Saint in its festive nature; grandma Kris once explained to Ellen DeGeneres that North was like 'the North star', aka the one that guided the Wisemen to Bethlehem.
Which actually leads to another, outside choice for their newborn's name: Star. Apparently, the parents-to-be have been speaking to a parenting expert to find ways of limiting North's inevitable jealousy over the arrival of yet another sibling (she apparently didn't take well to Saint at first), with one suggesting that they let her be involved with choosing the name – something Kanye is apparently on board with.

"Kim and Kanye are very concerned about how North is going to react to the new baby. It's especially challenging because they're using a surrogate so they can't even really prepare her. Kim has called on a parenting expert to get advice on what to do to avoid sibling rivalry this time around and one of the suggestions was to let North help name the baby so she feels more invested," a source told Hollywood Life.
"They're considering it, Kim's kind of on the fence about the idea but Kanye loves it. He thinks North is a creative genius and he's happy to let her name their third child."
And North's apparent go-to name? Star. Speaking to Bustle, Kim revealed that her daughter chooses it for everything, saying: "She has a toy, a llama. She named it Star West. She names everything Star West."
Well, it is Christmassy… and Saint begins with 'S', too…
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