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Kelly Coe's designer baby: She's my lucky last

The stylish mum has a new cutie to dress up

By Ashleigh McEnaney
A lot can happen in nine months – just ask Kelly Coe. The gorgeous co-founder of fashion label Augustine has moved into a luxurious new family home, relocated her clothing brand’s office and opened a store in Australia.
And as if that wasn’t enough excitement for Kelly and her business-partner hubby Nathan, the hard-working power couple have also welcomed a cute new addition amid the chaos – their adorable daughter Havana Alaska.
Funnily enough, however, when Woman’s Day arrives at the Coe family’s abode in Auckland’s St Heliers, the pair – who are also parents to Indiana, six, and Demi, five – are enjoying a rare moment of peace alone with their new bundle.
Proud mum Kelly cradles her gorgeous newborn bub.
“This never happens,” says Kelly as she scoops Havana into her arms. “Come 3pm, her big sisters will be home from school and the house will back to normal – super-busy and full-on. But that’s the way it’s always been. It’s just the way we like it.”
Having never been one to slow down, Kelly – who launched her fashion line out of the family’s Auckland garage in 2008 – was back in the office just two weeks after her wee girl’s birth.
“After Havana arrived, I watched all five seasons of Suits on Netflix, but when that finished, I knew it was time to get back to work,” laughs Kelly.
With her hubby also part of the business, the new mum was able to be flexible with her hours. At first, Kelly would take her daughter – who slept soundly in her capsule – into the office, but she’s since hired a nanny to help with childcare.
Meet their purr-fect poppet! As proud parents Kelly and Nathan show off their darling daughter, her doting mum confides, “Since Havana’s come along, my family finally feels complete.”
“I’ve never been good at relaxing and when you’re running your own business, you don’t stop,” she says. “In fact, as a fashion designer, you really can’t – the seasons don’t stop just because you’ve had a baby. Fortunately, Nathan and I make a great team. I’m lucky I can stay connected to the business but also be home to spend time with the girls in the afternoon. That time is priceless, so finding that balance is really important to us.”
In the eight years since Augustine started, the busy new parents feel like they’ve come full circle. Nathan can remember the clothing line’s first launch party in their old rental house, which is just around the corner from their family home.
“I tied some string across the living room to hang the dresses and practically begged our friends and family to buy them,” he smiles.Now business is booming. The couple have three stand-
alone retail stores and 70 more shops selling the line. They’ve recently broken into the Australian market, with a brand-new store in Noosa.
Meet Havana Alaska Coe!
But the biggest and most rewarding change? Being parents to three adorable little girls, asserts Nathan. “I’m very protective of my lot, which, sadly for them, will come into play a lot more when they are older – I’ll be there with the shotgun at the door!”
Smiling as he turns to his wife, he adds, “I’m seriously outnumbered, but I’ve got used to the company of gorgeous women. I go to work with women and come home to women – and I love it. If anything, my role in the business has me well equipped to raise my girls.”
With three little princesses to dress, you’d think super-stylish Kelly would be in her element, but her mini fashionistas are already rebelling against Mum’s taste. “Demi was picking out
her own clothes when she was 18 months,” laughs Kelly. “There’s nothing I can do when she leaves the house looking like an op-shop queen. And Indiana is a daddy’s girl – she’s a real daredevil who is always out doing something with Nath, so she dresses for comfort.
Which leaves me with Havana, but who knows how long before she won’t wriggle into my cute little outfits?”
Planting a kiss on her baby girl’s cheek, she concludes, “I’m lapping it up while I still can. Since Havana’s come along, our family finally feels complete.”
See more adorable photos of Kelly and Havana in the gallery below

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