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Kate Hudson: “I can’t stand my kids sometimes”

Kate Hudson says what every mum (occasionally) thinks.
Kate Hudson

In a recent television appearance, golden-girl Kate Hudson has given her most honest performance to date.

The mum-of-two spoke openly about the trials of parenthood in an interview with US Late Show host Stephen Colbert.

Kate, who has sons Ryder, 12, and Bing, four, said: “I, literally five seconds ago, was on FaceTime with [Ryder’s] teacher, going like, ‘He did what? He did … ?’ He’s a great kid, I love him so much.”

She went on to say: “They’re your kids and you love them. And then you can’t stand them sometimes — that’s just the truth!”

You got that right, Kate. Not everyone would admit it on national television, but we’d bet that everyone has thought it.

However, the Almost Famous star says she still wants to add to her brood. Earlier in the week, Kate opened up on an American radio show about her desire to have more children.

“I really want more kids,” Kate said. “Anywhere between four and six … I just love them.”

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