Jordan Mauger's perfect match

The TV hunk has finally found his perfect match

In his quest for romance as the leading man on reality TV show The Bachelor NZ, Jordan Mauger endured more dates with eager candidates than he cares to remember. The nation watched as he waded through 23 potential girlfriends, eventually emerging from the experience still single and more than a little bruised. But in the end, all it took was a trip halfway across the world and a chance encounter with an old friend’s sister that led him to “the one”.
“It’s pretty crazy the way it’s turned out,” he tells as he cosies up on the sofa with his gorgeous girlfriend Gina Middleton by his side. “If it weren’t for The Bachelor, I probably wouldn’t have hopped on that plane and headed off. And then I wouldn’t have met this amazing person. So I guess things happen for a reason.”
Jordan, 33, can hardly contain his excitement as he introduces us to his new lady love. Los Angeles-based Gina – who describes herself as “a little bit Kiwi, a lot Canadian and a California girl too” – has captured Jordan’s heart in a way he never knew possible and the smitten film director can’t believe his luck.
“If Gina had hopped out of the car on that first night of The Bachelor, it would have been a very short series,” laughs Jordan. “My feelings for her are just incomparable to anything else. It’s amazing.”
See more photos of Jordan and Gina in the gallery, and click here to read the full story of how they fell for each other. Plus, see all new photos of the loved-up pair only in this week's issue of Woman's Day!

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