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Jonah Lomu shocks Dublin rugby fans

The Kiwi star made a big impact on these unsuspecting pub patrons

By Keren Sim
Jonah Lomu pulled off an epic prank on a crowd of unsuspecting Dublin rugby fans recently, with the help of a fellow rugby legend and a specially created quiz machine!
The All Black icon, renowned for his legendary 15 World Cup tries, hid inside the machine and dropped personally autographed rugby balls into the vending slot for everyone who came and answered the machine’s on-screen questions.
The balls were signed with messages such as ‘like the beard’ and ‘love the top’, leaving the pub patrons increasingly baffled as to how the messages were so specific.
When Irish rugby great Shane Horgan appeared to switch places with Jonah, the crowd greeted them with plenty of cheers, claps and whistles.
“The Irish are known for their sense of humour across the world, so I was delighted to put that to the test,” Jonah said after the prank.
“Seeing peoples’ faces as they tried to figure out what was going on was a real highlight.”
The prank was designed to kick off Heineken’s ‘It’s Your Call’ Rugby World Cup 2015 campaign, and we have to say, it’s definitely a memorable one!

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