Jenny-May Clarkson's life in pictures

Everything you need to know about Kiwi golden girl Jenny-May Clarkson. From her sporting success to finding happiness with husband Dean and her twin baby boys.

She’s the Kiwi golden girl who started life in our very own King County, and after building a successful career, has also found happiness at home with husband Dean and her twin baby boys. Here’s everything you need to know about the sporting star.
Who is Jenny May Clarkson?
Born Jenny May Coffin in a small town of King County, Jenny May grew up in Piopio - a town nestled between the Waitomo Caves and the Taranaki Coast.
As she grew up, Jenny May developed a keen interest, and flair for netball, and by 1997, she had made the national side the Silver Ferns.
But this wasn't before enrolling in police training in 1994, and working as a policewoman.
In her twenties, Jenny May was thrust into the sporting spotlight, and just a year later had to take on the Commonwealth Games. She was named vice captain of the Ferns in 2001, but by 2002 her national career was finished – though she did continue playing for domestic team Waikato/Bay of Plenty Magic until 2004.
Retirement from Netball
By 2004, Jenny May announced her retirement from professional netball, landing a job as sports presenter on TVNZ.
She returned to competitive netball in October 2009. Signing with the Northern Mystics for their Championship season.
Jenny May Clarkson’s husband
By 2015, Jenny May had become a well-loved and popular star of the screen. With her sporting background and warm demeanour – she was the perfect presenter for the sports segment.
But for all her success, Jenny May had her worries – mainly that she had yet to meet that someone special.
“There I was, 40 years of age and thinking I may not ever meet someone,” Jenny-May told New Zealand Woman’s Weekly in 2015.
“I’m a very private person. But the truth is, I was battling with loneliness at the time.”
Agreeing to do an article to celebrate her milestone birthday, Jenny May declared her singleness to the universe – a move that ultimately led to her finding partner Dean.
Dean Clarkson’s mum, a Weekly reader, recalled the article, and as they watched Jenny May on screen she said to her son “That Jenny May, she’d be a good catch.
She’s single, she’s your age. She’s a gutsy woman – she’d be perfect for you.”
As fate would have it, three weeks later Dean and Jenny May would bump into each other in a bar in Auckland – and they hit it off straight away.
Seven months later – the couple were married, with a tearful Dean watching his beloved walk down the aisle in Auckland.
Pregnant with twins
Just a few weeks before the couple were set to wed, they discovered that Jenny May was expecting twins.
It was a surprise, even to Jenny, who knew that twins run in her family.
And in March 2016, Jenny May and Dean welcomed their first children together – twin boys named Atawhai and Te Manahau.
Speaking to the Weekly after the birth of her twins, Jenny May said she felt “really blessed.”
Doting father Dean, who has two daughters from a previous marriage, said his twins: “Have an amazing mum. I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else. I love watching her with them – I knew she’d be awesome at it. She’s just a kind person and so nurturing of everyone. And now she has our boys. I've always known they'd be in good hands."