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Jenny-May Clarkson and Stacey Morrison's family matters

The pair explain how things have changed between them since Jenny-May's life got "really, really interesting" last year.

Jenny-May Clarkson and Stacey Morrison have been friends for so long, they simply call each other whanau.
But as the stunning media personalities and stars of TVNZ 1’s show Whanau Living reveal in this week’s New Zealand Woman’s Weekly, their friendship has reached a whole new level following Jenny-May’s roller-coaster couple of years that saw her transform from a single 40-year-old into a married mother of twin boys.
Indeed, Jenny-May’s original role on Whanau Living was supposed to be about pets - well, that was until her life, as Stacey puts it, “got really, really interesting!”
If you’re thinking Jenny-May might be a weird choice for a segment about pets, you’re right. But it was the piece the show was missing, and seeing as Stacey is really not an animal person - though she makes an exception for the family dog - she roped in her best mate.
But little did she know that the planned animal features would turn into something far more wild.
With the third season of the show following Jenny-May’s pregnancy journey, the upcoming fourth series documents her life as a first-time mum.
“I think we were blown away by the response for Jenny-May this last year and her big life transformation,” Stacey tells, but Jenny-May says sharing her new life in her trademark honest and candid manner was something that came naturally.
“I wanted to be real about it, because I knew there’d be people watching who might be struggling too and could get something out of it,” the sports presented nods.
So, cameras followed her through her motherhood journey, such as taking the twins, Atawhai and Te Manahau, to a swimming lesson and even a baby whisperer.
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