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Jeanette Thomas reveals her ‘Good Morning’ heartbreak

The TV star reveals why she's still not ready to say goodbye to her dream job
Jeanette Thomas

In the latest issue of Woman’s Day, Jeanette Thomas reveals her heartache at the cancelling of Good Morning and the loss of her “dream job”.

She tells us, “I’m just not ready to lose it – and the lovely, hardworking family we’ve got going on behind the scenes. Television is all I’ve done for the last 19 years and this is the only job I’ve felt such an intense passion for.”

In our story, Jeanette also reveals her five favourite moments from the show, which ends this week. But what have been her worst?

The mum-of-two hated the episode in which she was hypnotised.

“I was the queen of embarrassment,” she recalls. “I had to audition for New Zealand’s Got Talent in front of Tamati Coffey and I offered to pole dance, but there was no pole, so I did a stunning rendition of the national anthem.

“Those buggers behind the scenes did that on purpose because they know that I am a horrible singer! It’s my worst nightmare to sing anywhere besides the shower.”

And her worst interview? Dolores O’Riordan, from Irish band the Cranberries, who had hits in the ‘90s with “Zombie” and “Salvation”.

Jeanette remembers, “It was obvious she didn’t want to be interviewed and was just giving us one-word answers, which is strange because when you say yes to an interview-based show, you’re supposed to be chatty. Thank goodness she was the only one who’s done that!”

Watch: Jeanette gets hypnotised on Good Morning

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