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Jason Gunn opens up on his new life as he recovers from heart attack

The much-loved broadcaster has been making some big changes.

Jason Gunn has revealed he's been making some big life changes as he recovers from a heart attack he suffered earlier this month.
The Kiwi broadcaster, 48, was rushed to hospital after a suffering minor heart attack while he was at the gym. He’s since been recovering at home from surgery after a stent was put in.
The More FM radio host has been off air for weeks now, but spoke to co-host Lana Searle about his recovery from his home on Thursday.
With step-daughter Grace Palmer. Gunn revealed in an interview with The Weekly that his four children and partner Janine were the "biggest injection of what's important".
“When I come in again, no special treatment, let’s just keep it as it was,” he said in a recorded conversation with Searle.
Gunn joked that naps and Netflix had become part of his new routine, however he also spoke of other changes he’d made to help him toward better health.
“No sugar at all in my coffee, obviously. Peppermint tea, I’m big on because it’s good for cleansing.”
“I’ve also taken up jigsaws and painting,” he said.
The conversation was light-hearted through-out, although in a quieter moment Gunn revealed he was “a bit slower”
The beloved broadcaster, whose upbeat style has earned him legions of fans, said he was taking a positive attitude toward what had happened.
“Like anything really bad, I think something good must come of this.”
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Gunn explained how he been told at the gym he’d needed to lose about 3 kg the day before the heart attack.
At the end of his week in hospital, Gunn said he weighed himself and he’d lost 2.9kg.
“It wasn’t the method I needed to do it,” he joked “but I guess they should have been more specific with their instructions.
It’s not known at this stage when Gunn will return to his radio show.
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