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Jack Tame sends Matt McLean cheeky 30th birthday message

The pair have been friends for more than a decade.

Happy 30th birthday Matt McLean!
The former TV One reporter is celebrating the milestone birthday today in London, where he has been living for the past few months.
While most people have probably been sending him sweet birthday wishes, his best mate, Breakfast host Jack Tame, sent him a birthday cake - with a strange message.
Matt posted a picture of the cake on Twitter, along with this explanation: "When I was a teenager I morbidly told @Chloegray and @jacktame I thought I wouldn't make it to 30. They reminded me with my 30th birthday cake."
The cake read: "You should be dead by now!"
Matt and Jack met as teenagers at broadcasting school in Christchurch before both joining TVNZ as junior reporters.
And even though Matt is halfway around the world, he still made sure to send his friend encouraging words as Jack began his new role on Breakfast alongside Hilary Barry recently.
"i've been fortunate to call Jack Tame my best mate for 12 years now, and in that time there's been so much i've been proud of him for. but i've never been prouder than i am today, as he relaunches Breakfast as the new co-host...Jack is incredibly passionate, hard working, and so entertaining. go hard buddy, and go smash it!," he wrote on Facebook
"Ps: you get today. today i'm mushy, but tomorrow i'll return to bringing you back down to earth by telling you you're not as funny as you think you are etc."