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Jack Tame is excited to be with family this Christmas

But he can't wait to say goodbye to 2022

A s one of four siblings who are spread across the globe, the best part of Christmas for NewsTalk ZB host Jack Tame is having his whole family together in one place to eat, drink and be merry.

“I love Christmas because it’s more or less the only time all my family are together,” tells the 35-year-old. “We get together, take the mickey out of each other, enjoy Mum’s amazing cooking and play some backyard cricket. It’s just bliss.”

As always, the holiday will be spent at his parents’ home in Golden Bay at the top of the South Island, where there will be lots of time spent at the beach.

And though he doesn’t like to play favourites, Jack admits what he is looking forward to most is spending time with his nephew Ren, three, and niece Elsie, one.

“The moment I walk through the door and see them, it’s straight into playing Duplo or rugby, or in the sandpit outside,” he shares. “It gives me so much joy. I try and see them as much as I can because they’re little kids, and they’re growing quickly.”

Elsie and Ren’s enthusiasm for the season has also reignited Jack’s own childhood wonder at all things festive.

“Christmas has taken on a special kind of magic now that I’m an uncle. It’s really special seeing everything through kids’ eyes. Ren is old enough that he understands what the holiday means, so he’s fizzing and always asking if it’s Christmas yet.”

Like some, Jack can’t wait to say goodbye to 2022. Between navigating the on-going Covid pandemic and the cost-of-living crisis, the Q+A host, who’s just won News and Current Affairs Presenter of the Year at the New Zealand TV Awards, hopes the new year will bring with it some happier days.

“I’m really looking forward to having a clean slate,” he tells. “I know it’s a boring wish, but I hope in 2023, the world returns to normal a little bit more.”

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