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In this week’s Woman’s Day, read all about the happy secret behind the Duchess of Cambridge’s big grin and the dramas that plagued Kim Kardashian West’s second birth.

Plus, we chat to The Block winners Brooke and Mitch about their next steps, and we get the goss on Anika Moa and Natasha Utting’s nerve-wracking proposal story!

Queen of serene: Why Kate can’t stop smiling

All eyes were on the Duchess of Cambridge when she stepped out with a brand new haircut last week, but Kate couldn’t have looked happier!

Glowing with an infectiously bright smile, the royal’s joy was clear to see as she and her husband, Prince William, took part in ICAP’s annual charity day. As they manned the phones for the fundraising event, Kate was beaming from ear to ear and seemed to be in her element, free from the nerves that have previously dogged her public appearances.

According to those close to the Duchess, Kate’s new-found confidence is a result of the royal finally finding the perfect balance between her family life and her royal responsibilities, two and a half years after welcoming her first child.

“She feels much happier within herself, which shines through in all aspects of her life,” a palace source explains.

“She’s happy with the amount she’s working and doesn’t feel like it’s too much time away from the children. She’s also taking time out for herself to focus on her hobbies, such as photography, painting, cooking and horse riding.”

For more on Kate’s new outlook on life, grab your copy of this week’s mag.

Kim’s delivery room drama

Kim Kardashian West welcomed her second child, a son named Saint, on December 5 – but in true Kardashian style, the reality star’s second birth was full of behind-the-scenes drama!

In the weeks leading up to the birth, the star underwent a hospital procedure to have her baby (who was in the breech position) manually turned.

Then, during the actual birth, Kim was informed the baby was coming too quickly and an emergency C-section was needed – and that wasn’t all. Hubby Kanye is said to have added to Kim’s stress with his outrageous demands, including everything from wanting his own music to be played in Kim’s luxury maternity suite to getting sushi and ice cream delivered at 3 am.

“The entire experience was a nightmare. It wasn’t the happy, peaceful birth and the wonderful welcome to the world that Kim planned for her baby boy,” our insider reveals.

For more on Kim’s dramatic birth experience, see this week’s Woman’s Day.

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