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Georgia Fowler finally clears up whether Harry Styles song 'Kiwi' was about her

Is she the Kiwi he was referring to?

Victoria's Secret model Georgia Fowler, who was born in Auckland, has finally revealed whether or not Harry Styles was referring to her in his song 'Kiwi.'
The song, which was released earlier this year, is based around a past relationship and one lyric in particular caught fans' attention.
'I think she said I'm having your baby, it's none of your business.'
Harry and Georgia were rumoured to have dated in 2015.
During an interview with The Morning Show Georgia, 25, was asked about 'Kiwi' and if it had any relation to her.
"Harry Styles, on his album has a song called 'Kiwi', can you confirm or deny that it was named after you?"
Georgia's face dropped.
"Ah, don't really know anything about it," Georgia said.
"[I] definitely don't have a baby... that's what the song is all about," she added.

The model also said it's "highly unlikely" that the song is about her.

On a funnier note, how can we forget James Corden's hilarious take on the song earlier this year.
I guess we'll never really know who the lucky Kiwi is!