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Inspired by: Colin Mathura-Jeffree

The 43-year-old personality recently cha-cha’d on our TV screens as a contestant on Dancing with the Stars.

My go-to party outfit is… definitely a tailored suit.
The best thing not yet invented… the instant slim, fit, phat, intelligent pill.
My advice to my younger self… trust more of your instincts.
My favourite day of the week… Monday. It’s a new beginning. Why be lazy? Be the change you want and need in your own life. Don’t live in repeat and regret.
I feel content when… I’m being hugged. I’m a simple guy. Hold my hand at the movies and I’m happier than the richest person on the planet.
My one desert island luxury… my partner. He can’t do hair, but he can fish, cook, clean...
If I was brave enough, I would… I’m pretty fearless. We were brought up to never back down and always be brave.
Top of my bucket list is… more travel. I’ve never been to Africa or South America.
The song that always makes me want to dance is… so many! Actually anything 80s.
I envy… very little. I’m not a jealous person. It’s such an ugly trait.
If I were a billionaire… I might be able to buy a few more shoes but it wouldn’t change my integrity. I don’t need that much. I like working hard toward a goal... I’d probably give it away... after I buy Fiji.
The thing that blows my mind is… the universe. The great unknown. Ancient civilisations. Great conversations.
The website I can’t resist checking is… besides Youtube videos, I’m addicted to shopping online.
My ultimate dinner party guest… so many people, from sexy Bollywood actors to closet Hollywood stars. I do like stylist Grace Coddington. She’s got an incredible wealth of history in her world of fashion... and we both love cats.
In my bag right now… keys, Jo Malone cologne, Strepsils, phone charger, protein bar.
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