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Inspired by: Antonia Prebble

Antonia Prebble returns to our screens on TV3’s Outrageous Fortune prequel, Westside.

My favourite childhood memory is… Winning the school talent quest. I was about seven. I put together a little routine of all the accents I could do – Dutch, Irish, Cockney, American, French and Australian. When they announced I’d won I was so happy I cried – I felt like I’d won an Oscar!
If I could invite five people to a dinner party I would have…Graham Norton and Ellen DeGeneres, because I’m addicted to both of their shows; Stephen Fry, because he’s such an intelligent, funny and interesting individual; Meryl Streep, because she is the best actress alive – I’d love to hear how she approaches her work and whether she can give me any tips; and Helen Clark, because she is doing such interesting work with the United Nations.
The most memorable play I have seen on Broadway is… Cabaret. I had played Sally Bowles in a production of it in New Zealand a few years earlier and it was one of my most exciting theatre roles, so when I heard it was on I had to go. Alan Cumming and Emma Stone starred – it was amazing! It pretty much ruined me financially, but it felt like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
A quote that motivates me is... “Life is unfolding as it should, so trust the process and timing.” I think it’s true that we are presented with the challenges and opportunities we need at the right time for our personal growth. I have a tendency to want things to go quite fast and get a bit out of step with how things should be unfolding.
When I need time outdoors… I go for a run up Mt Eden. It is a beautiful 45-minute round trip and immediately connects me to nature. The view from the top is so spectacular, you are not only looking out at nature you are looking out at Auckland city and the harbour, and it puts into perspective just how expansive things really are.
The thing I always take with me when I travel is... Sun cream. Always. I have two types – one for my face and one for my body – and I panic if I don’t have them because I only have to look at the sun to turn bright red. Battling it is an ongoing process for me.
When I am working hard I unwind by… Sleeping. I am a big fan and do it as much as possible. I’m also a big fan of reading; it is a real luxury to go to bed a bit earlier with a book.
The most wonderful place I have visited is... Broadway, New York. It is the centre of the Western world for theatre and every time I go to America, I have to go there. I’m often inspired and energised just being among people who are doing interesting things, and nowhere is that more evident than the theatre district in New York. I can wander around for hours.
Photos: Stephanie Creagh and Getty Images

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