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Hugh Jackman's unusual new Broadway role

He's known for being tough-as-nails as the rugged Wolverine, but it looks like Hugh's not afraid to get down and dirty in real life as well!

As part of the actor's latest role in Broadway play The River, Hugh has been gutting and cleaning a fish onstage every night.
The rather smelly task doesn't faze him though, as he cheerfully tells People he's got the skill down - mostly.
"Most days it goes well. Most days. We might have a Julia Child moment, oh dear!" he joked around to People.
To prepare for the fishy scene, Hugh had chefs teach him the proper way to get it done. And it goes without saying, he went through plenty of fish at home while he practised.
"Trust me, if you go to my house, it's fish fish fish," he told the magazine.
The play is set to run through to January 25 next year. After that, fans can catch Hugh in his next fearsome role as the pirate Blackbeard in the latest film adaptation of Peter Pan.

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