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Hayley Holt’s plans for the summer

We catch up with Breakfast's ray of sunshine.
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Hayley Holt would be the first to tell you she likes to see where the wind will take her, so when you ask her what she’s up to this summer her answer is fittingly elusive.

But she can tell you what summer song will be on her playlist; why she loves the heat and her preference between the bikini and the one-piece. She can give you her recipe for her favourite summer salad and tell you what she always takes to friends’ barbecues.

To watch our short-and-sweet crazy summer video with Hayley, just scroll back up a little.

To read about Hayley’s more complicated side, including why she is drawn to talking about “uncomfortable truths” and how she feels about being in her late 30s, single and without children, read NEXT magazine’s full cover story, on sale from October 15.

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