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Guy photoshops himself into iconic celeb pics

This is too amazing.

Lurking in the background of iconic celebrity selfies and top 40 album covers, Averagerob appears to be living the high life.

However, if you look very closely (or glance at the original), you can see that he didn’t really share a sauna with David Beckham or hand Donald Trump a bag of lies – his photos are expertly edited fakes.

Why? The self described “mediocre dude from Belgium” is “Just trying to make the world smile a little more”.

Click through to check out a selection from his incredibly clever Instagram account.

This photo of averagerob laughing with Barack Obama and Joe Biden is seamless.

averagerob‘s portrait with Brangelina gets the lighting perfect.

“Babe… can you go get some extra toilet paper? I’m afraid we’re out.” he captioned this pic with Selena Gomez.

Even with the added challenge of steam, the photo with David Beckham doesn’t look edited!

On the night of the supermoon, averagerob joined Tom Hanks in a tiny rocket.

averagerob Pssst… Excuse me Mr. Trump… I think you forgot your bag of lies.

Brushing his teeth while Emily Ratajkowski and Kim Kardashian take shirtless selfies, averagerob looked pretty confused.

Later, averagerob appeared to join Kim and Kanye for a selfie session.

He even found time to hang out with Hillary Clinton on her campaign trail.

Is averagerob behind Justin Bieber’s video special effects too?

averagerob Moments before I got fired… 💦 #Oops

Photobombing Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift as they selfie up a storm.

Watch out Katy Perry, he’s behind you!

“So nasty…” he said of Miley Cyrus licking his face.

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