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Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick accused of imprisoning and sexually assaulting a woman

No charges have been made against Westwick who has already denied prior claims.

Gossip Girl actor Ed Westwick has been accused of sexually abusing and raping his former stylist for two days.

Haley Freedman has stated that she was held against her will for two days at Westwick’s home in 2014.

Freedman originally consented to sex with Westwick, however said that Westwick became violent and aggressive towards her.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Freedman said Westwick told her he would drive her home but it didn’t happen.

“Ed kept saying he was gonna drive me home but it never happened, I couldn’t get service and remember trying to find a phone charger at one point,” she said.

“I felt like if I did yell at him to let me go or take me home he would get more aggressive, he felt like an off person and I felt helpless. I just lay there, I kind of shut down, shocked by the situation.”

Freedman has chosen not to lay charges against Westwick, but instead sue her former business partners who cut her off when she told them she wished to go public with the allegations.

Westwick took to his Instagram page following the first claim towards him.

“I do not know this woman. I have never forced myself in any manner, on any woman. I certainly have never committed rape,” the first post read.

“It is disheartening and sad to me that as a result of two unverified and provably untrue social media claims, there are some in this environment who could never conclude I have had anything to do with such vile and horrific conduct. have absolutely not, and I am cooperating with the authorities so that they can clear my name as soon as possible.”


Freedman said it took her days to recover, saying she laid in bed feeling ‘sore’ and ‘beat up.’

Freedman also said she visited a gynecologist five days later and explained she was “physically bruised, bleeding and internally torn and infected in her genital area.”

Westwick has not commented on the accusation.

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