Golden Globe winners who have gone on to win the Oscar

Though the voting process of the Golden Globes is very different from the one that chooses Academy Award winners, the list of winners are often eerily similar.

By Alex Blackwood
The Golden Globes, though prestigious in their own right have always been a predictor for the Oscars. Whoever won the Globe is more than likely to take home the academy award too - but how likely is it really?
In 2017, Emma Stone, Casey Affleck, Viola Davis, animated film Zootopia and La La Land director Damien Chazelle all came out on the winning end of an award season pattern that has been predicting Oscar winners since the Golden Globes began in 1950. They all won the Golden Globe and Oscar that they were up for.
Whether this is down to the Globes raising the profile for their Oscar nomination garnering them the votes they needed to win or both pools of voters saw their merits is unclear. But the proof that The Globes and Oscars pick the same winners most of the time is proven.
The winners of the Golden Globes are chosen by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. The HFPA are a small group of journalists who cover Hollywood events. They pick the winners of the Golden globes as well as organising the event itself.
The Oscar winners are chosen by around 6000 actors, actresses, directors, editors, cinematographers and other film-making professionals who are members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (the Academy part of "Academy awards"). The catch is they can only vote in their own field. So an actress votes for the acting categories, a director votes on the Best Director category and an editor votes for the Best Editing award.
In essence, the Globes winners are chosen by film journalists and the Oscar recipients are chosen by industry professionals. Both groups know their stuff, so they should agree most of the time, right?
Kind of. Although the Globes and Oscars tend to agree on Best Actress and Best Actor most of the time, the Globes has two Best Actress and Actor categories; one for Motion Picture Drama and one for Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. If a person wins one of those categories it is generally accepted they have won their Golden Globe.
However, complicating things further, the Globes have not one but two Best Picture categories; Best Picture - Drama and Best Picture - Musical or Comedy.
In 2016, (despite some confusion opening the envelope) Moonlight took out Best Picture at both awards nights. But in the 10 years prior to that, the award shows only agreed on 3 films as best pictures: 12 Years A Slave (2012), Argo (2011) and Slumdog Millionaire (2008). In the last 10 years, no film that has won the Golden Globes' Best Picture - Musical or Comedy award has won the Oscar's best picture award.
For the Best Actor and Actress Categories on the other hand, all but three of the Best Actress and Actor Oscar winners over the last 10 years have won their Oscars only after picking up their Golden Globe. And of those, most of the Oscar winners were from the Drama category.
It is a similar story for the Supporting actor and actress winners. The message is clear: if you are going to bet on anyone for the Oscar win - bet on whoever wins the Golden Globe. And in the Drama category at that.
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