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George Clooney recalls the moment he thought he might die after being held at gunpoint in Africa

Perhaps more terrifying is that it happened more than once.

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George Clooney has spoken about the moment he was held at gunpoint in Sub-Saharan Africa.
While in London on the publicity trail for his new series, Catch 22, an interviewer asked the actor about the scariest situations he's ever been in. He revealed that he's had a lot of moments where he's thought that might be the end of his life.
"I've spent a lot of time in Sub-Saharan Africa and pulled out of trucks with guys putting guns to your chest,' he told Metro UK.
"I've been in some funky spots. We were trying to bring attention to South Sudan and things like that. It's a small group of people, and crazy stuff can happen."
He said "There are a lot of those 'Oh well, this might be it'" moments. "That was part of life, of what you do."
Catch 22, the satirical drama that George produced, directed and starred in, has received rave reviews.
Clooney has spent a lot of time in war-torn Sudan in his role as a United Nations peace envoy. In one terrifying moment in 2007, he had an AK47 pointed at him by a child soldier.
"We got stopped in the middle of nowhere, where we shouldn't have been," he told Variety magazine.
"A little 10-year-old kid came over with a Kalashnikov assault rifle to my head, basically wanted to get us out of the truck."
Although the experience was terrifying, it didn't deter him from returning to the country to continue his humanitarian work.
Clooney, with Senator John Kerry in the background, attends voting for the independence referendum in Sudan in 2011. Photo: Getty
Clooney, who attended the Catch 22 premiere his wife Amal, produced, directed and stars in the critically acclaimed adaptation of Joseph Heller's satirical novel about World War II U.S. Air Force bombardier Yossariann. The mini-series will be released on the 18th May and will be available on TVNZ on Demand the same day as it screens in the US.
While in London he revealed he hoped to be able to meet close friends Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's new baby Archie.
The 58-year-old recently shut down rumours that he was going to be a godparent to the new royal. "That would be a bad idea," he proclaimed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. "I shouldn't be... I'm a father of twins I can barely do that," he quipped.