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Gemma Flynn tackled pre-games pressure by planning her wedding

The Black Sticks star kept stress at bay by having the occasional mind-break.
Gemma Flynn and Richie McCaw

Gemma Flynn has revealed she stress-busted pre-Rio Olympics Games nerves by planning her upcoming wedding to ex-All Black captain, Richie McCaw.

The Black Sticks champion explained in an interview with Skywatch that planning her wedding gave her some much needed breathing space amid preparations for the year’s major sporting event.

“While focusing on the Olympics it was good having a nice balance, and being able to look forward to the wedding and talk about that; that’s how I dealt with it,” she told Skywatch

With the pressure off her sporting career for now, Gemma’s new goal is to get on with the business of making sure everything is planned perfectly for the big day ahead.

“This whole year I haven’t had the time to make appointments to go and do all that I’ve wanted to do, but I always thought that post-Rio would be a great time to enjoy and organise everything for the wedding. It’s nice to be able to do something (for the wedding) now and have a bit of a look with the girls.”

Gemma said both her and her future husband Richie were taking “very relaxed” approach to how they want their day.

“He’s a typical male; he said, ‘I’m happy if you’re happy’ – which is great. I’ve given him some jobs that he is happy to go away and do.

“It’s what you make of it, and I don’t want it to be stressful.”

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