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Former Shortland Street star KJ Apa crashes car after a 16-hour day on Riverdale set

The kiwi star fell asleep at the wheel after a long day filming.

Auckland-born actor KJ Apa has survived a car accident in Vancouver.
The former Shortland Street star fell asleep at the wheel after a lengthy 16-hour day filming for season two of hit series Riverdale.
Apa was on his way to his hotel room just after midnight, which was a 45-minute drive from the set.

Apa reportedly hit a light pole on the passenger side of his car which caused extensive damage to his vehicle but thankfully no harm to himself.
His co-star and close friend Cole Sprouse, who plays Jughead on the show, was reportedly supposed to be in the car with him but changed his plans.

There are reports of concerns on the set of Riverdale following the accident, regarding the lack of transport available to actors after late-night filming.
We're just thankful KJ is safe!