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Five of New Zealand’s most glamorous women share their style secrets

Five of New Zealand's most well known - and glamorous - women share their secrets to ageless style in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video.
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How do you define ageless style? How do you keep your sense of identity through the trends and the changes and the different stages of your life?

We asked five well-known Kiwi women, at different stages in life, about what style means to them.

International model Ashleigh Good, TVNZ weather presenter Renee Wright, TVNZ journalist Miriama Kamo, RNZ broadcaster Carol Hirschfeld and designer Paula Ryan all shared their fashion secrets but also their faux pas, their advice and the trend they hope never comes back in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video.

We chose these women because they come from different walks of life but they all have one important thing in common: a sense of style that is truly, uniquely them.

For more from these five stylish Kiwis, see the September issue of NEXT magazine

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