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Emily Ratajkowski unleashes at critic over her ‘appallingly vulgar’ dress

Model and actress Emily Ratajkowski isn’t having any of Project Runway star Tim Gunn’s criticism of her dress.

The slinky black dress, which the 25-year-old wore to a Harper’s Bazaar party in New York last weekend, flashed a fair amount flesh and showed off the model's flawless figure to perfection.
And while some have called the dress the best red-carpet statement in eons, other weren't so happy with Emily's fashion-forward style choice.
Tim Gunn, guest-hosting on E!’s Fashion Police, and clearly in the latter camp, unloaded on her look, calling it “just vulgar and repugnant”.
The dress that raised Tim Gunn's ire.
"If I saw this at a party, all I could do would be to drink. I couldn’t eat. There’s absolutely no way," Gunn griped. "This dress is so appallingly vulgar and revealing. Why wear anything? Why not just take it all off?"
Co-host NeNe Leakes attempted to defend the dress but only succeeded in setting off another tirade.
"Is this all just about [making] everybody shocked? And I will tell you I'm not shocked... This is just vulgar and repugnant."
Emily took to Twitter to hit back at Tim’s remarks by delivering a feminist reminder to those who feel they can dictate what women can and can’t wear.
She's come under fire from male celebrities before on her strident stance towards women and sexuality.
Earlier this year, when Piers Morgan sounded off on Kim Kardashian for posing for nude selfies, Emily hit back by posing topless with Kim for an Instagram pic that has been called one of the most momentous of the year.

Morgan called her form of feminism "misguided affront to true feminism" and labelled it "pseudo-feminist gibberish".
Emily, who is outspoken about her views, wrote an essay earlier this year for Glamour in which said she's out to prove women can be serious and sexual.

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