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Elle Macpherson makes protein powder for kids

Supermodel-turned-businesswoman is selling children's protein powder - but experts aren't convinced
Elle Macpherson

That hair. Those legs. Her body. Yep, model-turned-businesswoman Elle Macpherson is an international household name.

But while she heads up lingerie brand Elle Macpherson Intimates and skincare brand The Body, it seems that wasn’t enough for the 52-year-old.

Yep, she’s just gone and kickstarted a new business venture: selling protein powder targeted at children.

As reported by News.com.au, Elle is now spearheading the sales of the Kids Super Supplement, which is priced at a hefty $34 for a 500g tin.

The Sydney-born super-strutter says her son, Cy, 13, was a big reason why she loves this product for her kids.

“Cy has been on our testing panel and he is quite a picky eater so the fact he absolutely loves it is a great start,” she says.

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In an interview with Get The Gloss, Elle gushed about the nutritional value of this “super” supplement.

“It’s an organic wholefood, vegan, gluten-free supplement containing everything a kid would need,” she explained.

Elle’s WelleCo. range also produces herbal tea, which will set you back $59 per tub.

Despite Elle’s good intentions, her protein powder for kids has experts divided.

However, according to Eat Me Nutrition dietitian and exercise physiologist Michael Lawler, this is not the case.

“I see on the ingredients list on the website that it does contain gluten (so definitely not gluten free as Elle was quoted in her interview),” he says.

“Children don’t really need food supplements. Even active children should be encouraged to consume a wide range of natural, whole foods from as many of the healthy food groups as possible.”

“Fussy eaters should be encouraged as regularly as possible to consume healthy, normal food with the whole family and not simply to be catered for separately to the family with ‘their own special foods’.”

“It’s great to have some alternatives at times as a parent that you know your children love to eat or drink but they should never be relied upon as a main source of nutrition.”

This story originally appeared on Woman’s Day Australia

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