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Ed Sheeran confirms he is applying for New Zealand citizenship

The British singer has fallen head over heels in love with Aotearoa, and may soon be calling it home.

After taking a "gap year" in New Zealand last year and falling in love with the country, Ed Sheeran has now spoken out about wanting to become a Kiwi citizen.
During the New Zealand holiday that won his heart, Ed spent time bungy jumping with Peter Jackson's daughter and getting a personal tour of Jackson's war memorabilia.
Following his trip, during an interview with the [Daily Star] the singer revealed that he is now in the process of requesting citizenship.
"I did ask for citizenship and I think we got an email from someone involved with that. So maybe that's going to happen. I could be a citizen," he told the UK newspaper.
"I've always said that if a world war breaks out, the one place I would go to is New Zealand because no-one is going to be bothered to come that far to invade," he told the newspaper.
"They'll be like, 'Ah, we'll leave them be.'"
Earlier this week, he confirmed that his next trip to New Zealand will be as part of a tour following his album release on March 3.

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