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Dunedin's Ed Sheeran mural has been defaced

It seems not everyone loves Ed!

By Alex Blackwood
An artists interpretation of the vandalised mural - the graffiti has been cleaned off since the incident occurred.
Just over a week after its completion and days before the first of Ed Sheeran's sold out Dunedin concert, artist Tyler Kennedy Stent heard that his mural of Ed had been defaced.
In a terrible piece of news for sellers of whatever anti-graffiti primer was used, the painting now bears the words "Coyote F U" in bright green letters. New Zealanders everywhere are shaken, with the new knowledge that not everyone likes Ed Sheeran.
The original mural with some writing I did in paint of what the graffiti would have looked like if Hayley Holt had made it obvious that it was her.
The graffiti could potentially refer to the Dunedin band Coyote. Astonishingly, this is the same band whose name was found emblazoned on a Chorus box. At the same time, a Facebook video was released of the band members, brothers Jeremy and Louis Potts, painting over The Chills' band name on that very same Chorus box and replacing it with their own.
Clearly struck with the sheer magnitude of coincidence of appearing in a video of himself doing something then being accused of doing it, Jeremy had nothing to Stuff say other than "prove it".
Surely it would be too much of a stretch to say that this act of vandalism was again these two band mates?
In any case, known anti-mural Breakfast Presenter Hayley Holt has not yet been heard from, nor has she been to Dunedin recently, after stating on Breakfast that the mural would stop her visiting the city.
We aren't sure though...