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Dr Libby announces split from husband

The pair have been together for 10 years.
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Nutritionist Dr Libby Weaver has confirmed she has split from her husband, Chris.

The couple have been married for 10 years.

Dr Libby released a statement confirming the marriage had come to an end.

“”As someone who is by nature an introvert and energised by solitude, while also being someone who values privacy and is deeply grateful for my life and the people I share it with, it is with sadness that I let you know that . . . in September this year I shared with my husband Chris that I wanted to honour my introverted nature and that I wanted to end our marriage,” she said.

“For the past three months we have travelled together throughout Australia and New Zealand with our work, while also allowing ourselves the space to grow accustomed to our new way of being together.

“We have continued this as closest friends, treasured confidants and business partners. We have had many heartfelt conversations, laughed together and enjoyed our shared mission to make a difference in the world.”

Chris, who left his role at Auckland Racing Club to work alongside his wife, will continue as chairman and chef executive of their company.

“Chris and I have treasured our 10 years together and we remain very much a team.

“We are both private people and we wanted what has unfolded in our lives with the completion of our marriage, to remain private, however, we also care about you and want to remain true to our value of authenticity. Hence, I wanted you to hear our news directly from us. I do ask though, that you please respect our privacy at this time.”

Dr Libby and her partner previously spoke of their wonderful working relationship.

“I absolutely love working with Chris – I’m beyond grateful to this man, not just for our relationship but for his belief in me,” Dr Libby told New Zealand Woman’s Weekly in 2012.

“I’ve always had an absolute passion for what I do – I believe it’s the reason I was put on this earth – but without this gorgeous human encouraging me and helping get the message out there, I’d still be trying to write my first book!”

Libby and Chris met at a lifestyle retreat in Queensland, where she was speaking on how people can understand and treat the causes behind their weight-gain.

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