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Did Ryan Reynolds accidentally reveal his second baby's gender?

The Deadpool actor may have slipped up on social media...

There’s no doubt about it: Ryan Reynolds is about as social media active as any member of the Kardashian clan, often taking to Twitter and Instagram to confuse us about whether he is posting as himself or his character-possibly-turned-alter-ego Deadpool.
But among all the satirical wisecracks and did-he-just-tweet-that dad jokes, has the almost-40-year-old slipped up and spilled something that was supposed to be a secret?
On Friday, the dapper dad tweeted one of his signature, yet questionable, jibes, saying the mobile above his daughter’s crib is made from “NuvaRings” (a plastic contraceptive ring).
However, his daughter James is two in December and there's a good chance she would have outgrown her crib, with E! News quick to theorise that the sex of their baby, born in late September, is, in fact, a girl.
Twitter was quick to follow, with one user tweeting, “So...it's a girl!!!” and another writing, “So you have two girls?”
What we do know is that his wife Blake Lively’s pals (including #girlsquad member, Taylor Swift) threw her a special baby shower back in August – yet the sex of the baby was never revealed…
Whether it’s a baby boy or a baby girl, we’re just excited to see the sweet family snaps – and the resurgence of Ryan’s parenting quips and tips.
WATCH Mum-of-two Blake talk about parenting - and see how she doesn't reveal the sex of her second child.
This story originally appeared on Woman's Day Australia

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