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Demi Lovato covers up raunchy tattoo

The singer has gotten rid of one tattoo with a new cover up

Demi Lovato debuted a brand new tattoo earlier this week on Instagram, but the fresh ink is more than just another tatt - it's a clever cover-up!
The 'Really Don't Care' singer previously had a kiss-shaped tattoo showing a pair of lips on her forearm - but it seems the design may have gotten a little raunchier than Demi intended!
The lips share an unfortunate resemblance to another part of the body, and Demi has been describing the design as her 'vagina tattoo'! Lucjily, it looks like she's finally gotten rid of it by covering it up with a bigger rose tattoo.
She shared a shot of the new tatt on Tuesday, captioning it with the hashtags #RIPvaginatattoo and #kidsdontdodrugs.
Demi's new tattoo (left) and the old one (right).

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